Team UserFriendly.Org BOINC Manager Skin

Team UserFriendly.Org BOINC Manager Skin

The BOINC Manager supports skinning, so I thought it was about time we gave it that UserFriendly je ne sais quoi. Once again, I must thank Illiad for the inspiration and graphics. I hope you like it!


To install the skin:

  1. Extract the files to your skins folder. If the skins folder doesn't exist, create it first.
  2. Switch to the BOINC Manager simple view.
  3. Choose the UserFriendly.Org skin in the preferences dialog.

Once you have extracted the files, the folder structure should look like this:

\Program Files\BOINC\skins\UserFriendly.Org\
Mac OS X
/Library/Application Support/BOINC Data/skins/UserFriendly.Org/
Other Unix

UFie Jason Shanley has provided a modified version of this skin that also changes the icon to the same Dustpuppy icon used on UserFriendly.Org. Thanks, Jason!


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UserFriendly.Org: crunch crunch crunch

This is the signature image I use at World Community Grid. It may change from time to time. You're welcome to use it too! If there's sufficient interest, then I would be happy to create a version that includes a few real-time statistics.

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A welcome gift for new members, and a thank you for old hands. From Illiad and me, here's a nifty origami bookmark design for you to print, fold and use. I've used one of these for years, and I've never seen a better bookmark. Enjoy!