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Summer Roundup

Team UserFriendly.Org competed in the World Community Grid 200 Millionth Result Race this summer. We came in first! Congratulations, all.

And speaking of milestones, while WCG have passed 200 million results, we alone have contributed over 2 million of them. Yes, we contribute more than 1% of the total World Community Grid output. Let's keep it up!

UFie Jason Shanley has provided a modified version of our BOINC Manager skin that also changes the icon to the same Dustpuppy icon used on UserFriendly.Org. Thanks, Jason!

As we move into Autumn, maybe it is time to dust off those boxen that were overheating a few months ago, and fire them up again. Maybe even spread the word about World Community Grid to a few friends and colleagues. Happy crunching!

Link here

Posted 10 September 2008 by Didactylos.

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