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About World Community Gridâ„¢

World Community Grid

What is World Community Grid?

World Community Grid's mission is to create the world's largest public computing grid to tackle projects that benefit humanity. World Community Grid is an IBM sponsored philanthropic initiative.

Grid computing involves using spare computing resources on ordinary desktop computers to create a massive distributed supercomputer that can be used for the most computationally intensive of scientific problems. Through the magic of preemptive multitasking, you have a guarantee that your normal computing will always have priority. WCG will only use the spare cycles.

What do I need to do?

Join Team UserFriendly.Org. You will be led through the process of registering, downloading and installing the software. Once it's installed, it should run with almost no intervention needed. I recommend you choose the BOINC agent (this is the default).

Is World Community Grid using our effort for profit?

Absolutely not! WCG only accepts projects from non-profit or public institutions. WCG provide their services for free.

What happens to the results?

All WCG results are published to the public domain. This is usually going to only happen some time after a project has completed running on the grid, so patience is required.

About UserFriendly.Org

Dust Puppy

UserFriendly.Org is a great webcomic and a community of wonderful people. But you probably know that already!

UserFriendly.Org is an official partner of World Community Grid.

About the Team

We are brought together by an infinity of reasons. Some of us have personal motivations, others are just here in an attempt to do the right thing.

The team was formed in November 2005, and has grown ever since. We have benefitted greatly from the direct support of Illiad, and the dedicated efforts of the WCG staff.

About Me

I'm your team leader, and I'm a Community Advisor (volunteer) at World Community Grid. My name's David Barnard, but please call me Didactylos if you want. I've been a UFie for - oh - far too long! I'm just an email away if you run into any kind of trouble with setting up or running the World Community Grid software. If I can't help you myself, I can hook you up with someone who can.